To me, there is something quite solemn to the month of December... First of all, Christmas is right around the corner, which, for many reasons, is a source of stress and anxiety to me but that's another story for another post, maybe. Mostly, it is a time to reflect on what has been accomplished, learnt … Continue reading Resolutions


FinallySeeing itAnd being ableTo acknowledge it The part I playedThe masks I put onThe mistakes I madeThe walls I built up We've played the victimPointing fingers, blamingBut it was just our fearsThat pushed us to flee Today I can seeThere's no victim, no heroNo guilty partyNo fate, no blame Just two human beingsStruggling with their … Continue reading Responsibility

In her eyes

She explained her limits and I agreed to them all. We began by removing the judgments and opinions of others, the potential urge for perfection, the desire to perform, the lingering expectations, the doubts, and the fears. We invited kindness, acceptance, mindfulness, lightness, joy, and presence. We bowed to the divine and the sacred within each … Continue reading In her eyes