I went through a rough patch back in the fall and as I often do in those moments,  I reached out to my friends for help and support. Well, to be totally honest, I tend to get really needy for interactions in those moments and staying alone at home was not a very bearable option … Continue reading Projections


I had encouraged him, telling him I believed he would succeed, so when he texted that he had failed the last tests, my heart sunk... I could feel the anxiety bubbling up, my heart rate progressively accelerating, my chest feeling tighter and tighter... And then I realised that I was starting to feel as disappointed … Continue reading Anchor

Oh well!

When I first arrived in the States, this was the expression that immediately won my over: Oh well! Nothing seemed so unpleasant or so frustrating or even so bad that it could not be welcome with a little "oh well!" We missed the train to the NYC ball drop? Oh well, we'll just take the … Continue reading Oh well!