Let it go

Let it go... We've all heard it said and even repeated over and over... Just let it go... Just keep your head up and keep going... We've even said it to others... But what were we asking exactly? What were we inviting the other to do? To ignore the emotions and maybe even the sensations … Continue reading Let it go


Sometimes the possibility of change drags along its share of questions. Change is scary because until we do it, we won’t know whether it will make things better or worse. And the routine can be so comforting. But as they say, it’s better to love and lose than simply not love. Which means it is … Continue reading Change

Right Here

He raised his leg through the elevator door to keep it open and said “I’m not going to be connected much”... “I understand” I responded. He looked at me one more time and said “you won’t be mad at me, hu?” I just smiled at him... just go and walk, I’ll be right here...