Ready to Strip

A couple of days ago, I went to visit my osteopath as my right arm had been painful for a couple of weeks now. First I had seen a general practitioner who told me to take lots of pain killers but since that was not helping, I decided to go see the wonderful man who, last spring, helped me recover from injuries I had sustained in a small car accident back in 2008.

Still, there is one thing you need to remember before you pay a visit to an osteopath or even a chiropractor in France: you are going to be asked to strip down to your underwear! Indeed, if in the U.S. a chiropractor will ask you to lay down on the table with all the layers of clothes you came with, in France, you need to take pretty much everything OFF! If you think about it, I believe it makes full sense. You don’t get a massage while still wearing all your clothes! And it must definitely be much easier to adjust someone’s spine if you can put your fingers right on it.

Still, it can a bit awkward to find yourself standing in your underwear in the middle of some doctors’ office. So this is what I try to do to prepare myself: first, I wear underwear that cover as much as possible; then, in order to mentally convince myself that there is nothing sexy, inappropriate, or embarrassing going on there, I do a few more things: I mismatch my underwear, I do NOT make sure to be perfectly fuzz-free, and to eliminate the last ounce of potential ambiguity, I keep my socks on… Trust me, it works!

And my arm has already been doing much better!


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